Annie is an engaging and captivating speaker, able to show the humorous side of what life is like when you are an elite Olympian and have chosen to do sports for a living. She can also share her story of an eight-year rowing career that encompassed the full roller-coaster of highs and lows – most notably when her four man crew were overtaken in the final hundred metres of their Olympic final in Beijing, and television pictures showed every detail of their grief on the podium as they received their silver medals.

Annie was a speaker at the TEDx Cambridge University event in March 2019. Watch her speech here where she investigates whether competition, and competitiveness, gets the most out of us as humans – or whether it brings out our dark side.

TEDx Cambridge University

Annie spent most of her rowing career trying to work out exactly why she put herself through the gruelling training regime that championship sport demands, and it was this desire to find out her ‘why’ that will enable you to get a unique insight into the ingredients required to achieve award-winning performances.

Annie took great care to understand what we wanted from her presentation, and on the day she really delivered. Her speech was inspiring, motivating and full of advice tailored to our organisation, and the activities she prepared helped us put her words into practice. Friendly, engaging, and a natural public speaker, she made a witty, fascinating speech that had everyone’s attention from the start and gave us all food for thought.

Motivational and team building events

Annie has benefited from years of specialist elite sport training. There is much to learn from a day in the life of a professional sportswomen, including the importance of training and practice, as well as how to get results through team work. Annie has acquired a wealth of knowledge during her rowing career on how to keep herself focused on both Olympian and personal goals, as well as how not to give up in the face of adversity, both physically and psychologically.

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