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Annie focuses on the areas where elite sport interacts with business and the techniques that can apply to both. From team work and maximizing the potential of those around you, to goal setting, change management, and delivering under pressure. She has a unique perspective on what makes teams tick and how to achieve consistent and resilient success; taking every setback as an opportunity to get better at both the processes and the outcome.

Her approach is based on the belief that rational strategising and problem-solving will always provide answers, and will always triumph over brute strength. The techniques, strategies and ideas that Annie has tried, tested, refined and developed over two Olympiads in the furnace of elite sport are applicable to any business that is ambitious and hungry for success.

She previously studied for a degree in history at Cambridge University, a subject which requires study of human motivations, contexts, causes and consequences and these are exactly the same skills that Annie brought to her rowing career. A cool-headed analysis of her barriers to success, a methodical approach to problem-solving coupled with an intense focus on getting the most out of her team-mates.

She can show you how to utilise these skills to bring your team closer together, and collectively to set goals they can aspire to, by blending inspiration and perspiration.
Athletes spend 90% of their time training and 10% performing. In business, it’s the reverse. Business leaders can therefore accelerate their own training by learning from the world of sport about training, planning, reviewing, and strategising.

Annie can deliver workshops to allow your team to work together to be the best in the world at what you do. Leverage Annie’s expertise to find your competitive edge and your resilience.

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